Wrapped in Reiki & sealed with Light & Love ✨

Wrapped in Reiki & sealed with Light & Love ✨

Discover the Healing Power of Reiki Energy with MAD REIKI

Discover the Healing Power of Reiki Energy with MAD REIKI

MAD REIKI is a Madison, Indiana-based holistic healing practice offering a range of healing services to support you on your journey, wherever that may be. ​​We specialize in Reiki healing sessions and home cleansing services that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Led by our certified Reiki Master and Practitioner, Jessie, MAD REIKI is fueled by a genuine passion for helping individuals like you find balance and relaxation in their lives. With an unwavering commitment to continuous education and training, Jessie has honed her skills in the art of Reiki—a Japanese technique renowned for its ability to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and facilitate healing.

Reiki Master Jessie

Reiki Healing & Spiritual Services

Private Reiki Sessions

Our Reiki sessions typically last 60-90 minutes. During this time, you’ll lie fully clothed on a massage table while our Reiki practitioner places their hands lightly on or just above your body, using a series of hand positions to guide the flow of energy.

Group Reiki Sessions

Group Reiki Sessions sessions are a great opportunity for those new to Reiki and looking to understand the healing process, as well as existing Reiki Healing clients who are looking for an energetic tune-up and Reiki boost.

Home Cleansing

Our cleansing services use a variety of techniques, including Reiki, smudging, and crystal healing, to clear your space of negative energy and promote positive vibrations.

Training & Certifications

Our Reiki training and classes are designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to harness the universal life force energy for healing, balance, and spiritual growth.

Reiki Healing Experiences

Dive into a world of wellness with our Reiki Healing Experiences, designed to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Each event seamlessly combines the power of intuitive Reiki healing with a range of holistic practices.

Reiki Retreats

When you embark on the voyage of tranquility and self-exploration with our Reiki Retreats, you’ll have the opportunity to delve deep into the realm of energy healing.

Upcoming Reiki Trainings, Group Sessions & Experiences

Wrapped in Reiki & sealed with light & love ✨

Wrapped in Reiki & sealed with light & love ✨

Reiki healing is a form of alternative therapy that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is a Japanese word that means “universal life energy,” based on the principle that energy flows through all living things. Reiki practitioners use their hands to channel this energy to the recipient lying down or seated comfortably. The idea is that the energy helps to balance the recipient’s energy centers, or chakras, which can become blocked or out of balance due to stress, illness, or other factors.